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15% Of Ghanaian Teachers In Basic Schools Left The Teaching Field In 2021 -Confirmed

Over the previous two years, schools have faced tremendous obstacles, but maybe the most significant is still to come in 2022: preventing the Great Teacher Resignation or Attrition.

According to Kofi Asare, Executive Director of the Education think tank EduWatch, many instructors are still abandoning the Basic Schools.

According to African Education Watch, provisional data from EMIS (a ministry of education unit) in Ghana reveals that 15% of instructors left Basic Schools alone in 2021. This equates to around 44,000 instructors. This statistic, according to EduWatch, is the highest in the Ghana Education Sector in over 20 years.

According to Mr. Kofi Asare, the Executive Director of EduWatch on his official social media website, there were hundreds of classrooms without instructors in poor districts before the large numbers of teachers departed.

“As a result, you can envision the current situation.

The 16,000 people being recruited for 2022 is a good start, but it’s less than half of the attrition from 2021.

We must look at why this is, shift resources, and interact more with disadvantaged groups.”

The Ghanaian government plans to hire 16,000 teachers by 2022, but the question remains whether they will be enough to fill the gap. Why do teachers continue to leave their profession?

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