19-Year-Old Boy Impregnates His Mother In The Process Of Testing A Love Charm

Is so saddened to listen to and see the despicable issues our youths of in the present day do all within the title of affection, this despicable habits are actually additionally widespread amongst youngsters too. All within the title of affection, they undergo determined measure to verify a specific lady or woman falls in love with them. Some guys go so far as threatening the lady or going via fetish means.

This fetish means is most common in our society today, we see where guys will offer all sorts of sacrifice and rituals just to make sure that the lady they are after share same feeling with them. These things sometimes have it’ s own consequences.


Here is a 19- Year- Old boy who goes by the name Ekenem who hails from Asaba, Delta state. He impregnated his mother while trying to test the love charm he prepared for his crush who was a matron in the boarding school he attended.

Ekenem sought- after the service of a native doctor who helped him in preparing the charm he wanted to use on the matron.

When he tried the charm on his mother she fell for it and he also lost control over it, the mother said that she didn’t know what happened or how it happened but all she can say or remembered was that she saw someone who looked like her son walking into her room at the late hours of the day, she was speechless and couldn’t do anything as he laid with her and it resulted to her being pregnant.

The incident came to light after the husband of the 19- year- old’ s mother who was said to have been away and returned only to be hit with the news of the pregnancy and he denied responsibility.

After series of investigation it was discovered that the boy was guilty of the offense. He was arrested and detained by the police.

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