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20 facts about Deeper Life FEMALE church members you need to know

A member of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, often known as Deeper Life, has compiled a list of 20 facts about the women in her congregation.

They don’t delight men with their bodies, according to Ruth Linus Odega, but wait till the allotted moment.

She posted a list of ’20 facts’ about godly female members of her church on Facebook.

1. We are natural, not embroidered with artificial. 

2. We are beautiful in and out not masked with makeup. 

3. We know what we want and patiently wait for it.

4. We don’t please men with our bodies but wait till the appointed time.

5. We are busy doing our Fathers business not busy bodies in men matters

6. We keep our dignity and pride, we don’t sell or give it out.

7. We love God with our heart and soul, we don’t love or appreciate things that belong to the devil.

8. We are bold, courageous and fearless not fretful with treats of the wicked.

9. We are intelligent not dull.

10. We take the things of God seriously, not jokingly.

11. Everywhere we go we are know just with our physical appearance.

12. Our dressing speak for us, not fashioned as the world. 

13. We are Godly yet classy.

14. We use our talents to God’s glory not for men appraisal.

15. When we get on our knees to pray, the kingdom of hell shake and trembles and Heaven stands at attention.

16. We’re always blessed with Godly men of like minds not pretenders and deceivers.

17. We don’t join the crowd to do what they do, we are distinguished.

18. We look bright and smart outwardly not shabby.

19. We are God fearing not scared of men.

20. We don’t rubbish ourselves, we gat conscience and know when to go back to God when we have wronged.

I’m a proud Deeper Life lady. I’m beautiful, bold and courageous. I’m Ruth Linus Odega, still your favorite lady. 

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