‘3y3 broken heart’ Joyce Blessing mocks Nana Agradaa after her marriage brouhaha

Joyce Blessing has finally had the last laugh, and Nana Agradaa isn’t going to appreciate how she’ll be teasing her in the coming days.

Following reports went viral in December of last year that Joyce Blessing’s husband had discovered that one of their children was not biologically his after a phony DNA test, the couple split up.

Nana Agradaa was one of several Ghanaians who slammed and insulted her for defaming Christianity.

According to Agradaa, she had foreseen a day when God would humiliate Joyce Blessing for her pretentiousness.

She called it an abomination for someone who claims to be a servant of God to be involved in such controversy and encouraged the musician to get help from a clergyman.

She warned church officials not to include Joyce Blessing in any activities unless she publicly confessed her faults.

Nana Agradaa, on the other hand, is presently receiving a dose of the bitter medications she gave Joyce Blessing.

For the past two weeks, the former fetish priestess has been beefing with her own husband, claiming that their spiritual father has nearly destroyed their marriage.

Nana Agradaa sobbed in one of her IG live videos about how she paid 9 billion for late Apraku My Daughter’s church building so that her husband could become an independent man of God, but the investment has gone to nothing because he’s still with their spiritual father (Sofo Kyere).

Nana Agradaa reportedly threatened to chase her husband with a cutlass if he ever changed his mind about working with her once she became successful in the gospel ministry.

Joyce Blessings, who has been following Nana Agradaa’s online dispute with her husband, has shared her initial response to the situation in a new video.

Joyce Blessing ridiculed Nana Agradaa in this video for weathering the marital difficulties she went through a long time ago, and she evaluated her incorrectly.

She also mocked her $9 billion church investment, which she believes has no future given the current state of affairs.

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