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45,000 teachers quit teaching in 2021 – MP reveals

Dr. Clement Apaak, a Builsa South MP, claims that the government owes basic schools four tranches of capitation money.
In addition, he indicated that in 2021, 44,000 teachers will have departed the profession.

“The government owes the basic schools four capitation grants in four installments. In 2021, 44,000 teachers would have departed the profession, “the member of Parliament’s Education Committee told Alfred Ocansey on the Sunrise broadcast on 3FM Tuesday, January 11.

“We are not aggressively recruiting new PHDs to replace those who are retiring,” he said, adding that “we are not constructing many new tertiary institutions to accommodate those who come out of the secondary system.”

Eduwatch, a think tank, made a similar finding in a statement.

It was reported that by 2021, about 44,000 teachers (more than 15%) will have departed the basic school system with no successors. While the current attempts to recruit 16,000 teachers are admirable, they do not even come close to addressing the gap.

“The Ministry of Education must guarantee that all newly recruited teachers are sent to disadvantaged regions where they are required, regardless of the procedure,” it stated.

“In addition, many districts with surplus teachers should be decongested, and instructors should be reassigned to empty classrooms in underserved districts.”

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