8 years on after divorce; John Mensah’s ex-wife speaks about severe physical abuse, cheating and child-neglect

Henrietta Mensah, John Mensah’s ex-wife, has come up about their marriage and its ramifications eight years after their marriage was lawfully dissolved by the Accra High Court.

In an interview with Kasapa FM, Henrietta accused the former Black Stars defender of infidelity. She maintained that she was fighting for the rights of herself and her four children, not for John Mensah’s.

Ladies who came to see Henrietta told her of John Mensah’s connections with other women.

She claimed that since their divorce eight years ago, John Mensah had neglected to care for his children.

John Mensah refused to look after the children when she traveled to America owing to an injury, she said.

She claimed John Mensah abused and assaulted her during their 14-year marriage.

She says that John Mensah has disobeyed court orders and is renting out properties that were supposed to be given to her.

“John Mensah subjected me to a great deal of domestic abuse.” John Mensah is a jerk who hits and bruises me without warning. When he played in Italy, I remember having eye bruises.

“Eye pains are still a problem for me.” In France, London, and even Ghana, I was insulted. Henrietta remarked angrily, “When I went to the East Legon Police Station to denounce him for striking me, they told it was a family matter.”

“He hasn’t seen the kids in eight years; he only gave us a year’s worth of custody.” I needed surgery in the United States as a result of an accident in Ghana. I was unable to leave the children with John Mensah since he had married a pregnant lady and refused to care for them.

“I brought one of the kids to Ghana because he was misbehaving, and I requested John to take after him, but he said he wouldn’t.”

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