Abeiku Santana has ‘ch0pped’ Felicia Osei – Afia Schwar drops wild allegation

Abeiku Santana has ‘chopped’ Felicia Osei – Afia Schwar drops wild allegation

Afia Schwar, a troublemaker, has claimed in a self-made video that ace radio broadcaster Abeiku Santana has previously been in an amorous connection with TikTok sensation Felicia Osei.

According to Afia Schwar, who knows all the juicy secrets about most of our celebs’ behind-the-scenes lives, Abeiku Santana had previously slept with Felicia Osei, and the socialite’s mother became quite unhappy after learning about the news.

Afia Schwar was obliged to post this unverified information on the internet since Maa Linda was among those who informed the world that Pena is not her real daughter, but rather her adoptive kid.

She hurled accusations on Maa Linda for constantly assaulting innocent people after revealing the damaging information in the middle of her explosive video, while her own children are big-time offenders outside of social media.

Meanwhile, Abeiku Santana and Felicia Osei have yet to respond to Afia Schwar’s charges.

Some social media users have also ignored Afia Schwar’s charges, claiming that she enjoys spreading misinformation about those she despises.


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