About 174 People Die in Stadium Disaster; Sad Video Drops

About 174 People Die in Stadium Disaster; Sad Video Drops

According to, at least 174 people were killed in an Indonesian football stadium conflict, making it one of the world’s deadliest stadium tragedies.

The terrible tragedy occurred following a rush during Arema FC’s 3-2 loss to rivals Persebaya Surabaya in East Java.

After the final whistle, enraged supporters stormed the ground, and police reportedly tear-gassed several rioting fans.

According to Mohammad Mahfud, Indonesia’s national security minister, 42,000 tickets were sold in the stadium’s 38,000 capacity.

Mohammad Mahfud also offered condolences to families who had lost loved ones in the violence and guaranteed victims of government assistance.

“Our sympathies to the victims’ families.” We also hope that the relatives of the victims would be patient and continue to work with government authorities on the ground.

“I must underline that the tragedy of Kanjuruhan is not a conflict between Persebaya followers and Arema supporters.” Because Persebaya fans are unable to attend that game. Only Arema supporters are there on the pitch.

“As a result, the victims typically perished as a result of pushing, squeezing, trampling, and loss of air.” There were no reports of fans being beaten or harassed.

“Over time, the government has made improvements in the implementation of football matches and will continue to do so.”

watch video below;

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