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Adom-Otchere can’t criticize other chiefs like he did to Togbe Afede – Kwesi Pratt

Kwesi Pratt Jr., Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, has questioned Good Evening Ghana anchor Paul Adom Otchere’s bravery in criticizing Togbe Afede XIV, the paramount chief of Asogli State.

He claimed that unlike Togbe Afede, Adom-Otchere would not dare to attack other chiefs in the country.

Mr. Pratt, speaking on Metro TV in Accra, said that all paramount chiefs in the country should be treated equally.

“If we come to the conclusion that chieftaincy will be permitted,” he said, “we should tolerate it equally.”

The senior journalists expressed their displeasure at the avalanche of assaults. Togbe Afede has been questioned over whether or not it has an ethnic prejudice.

“Some of the atrocities done to Togbe Afede, as well as what is spoken about him, would not be said or done about other chiefs, and that is my concern.”

“Some of the people who are openly chastising him, dragging him through the mud, and so on, they wouldn’t dare to do it to other chiefs…

What is the explanation for this?

“Is it because we think some paramountcies are less important than others?” Is there an element of ethical bias in it? I’m not sure, but these are the kinds of questions we should be asking. If you want to place chieftaincy on a pedestal, which I refuse to do, Kwesi Pratt advised, “then put everyone on the same pedestal.”

Paul Adom-Otchere had called out Togbe Afede for rejecting an ex-gratia that was paid to him as former member of the Council of State.

He said that Togbe Afede’s return of GHS350,000, which was provided to him as an ex-gratia for serving on the Council of State, was not real.

Adom-Otchere argued on his show that the revered chief should have received more than the ex-gratia.

He said that Togbe Afede XIV, as a member of the Council of State, only attended 16 percent of the sessions yet received all of his wages.

“The Council of State convened 242 meetings in 48 months, and Togbe Afede XIV attended 39 [meetings], accounting for 16 percent,” Adom-Otchere remarked when examining Togbe Afede’s letter explaining why he rejected the inappropriate ex-gratia placed into his account with a touchscreen.

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