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“Adwoa Safo isn’t my wife, I only have 2 kids with her so stop asking of her from me” – Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, a representative for Assin Central, dislikes that people frequently inquire about Sarah Adwoa Safo, a representative for Dome Kwabenya.
Adwoa Safo is not his wife, and he has no control over what she does, according to him, therefore these inquiries are starting to irritate him.

The Minister for Children and Gender Adwoa Safo hasn’t visited Ghana since 2021.

She has been called to explain herself by the Parliamentary Privileges Committee since her extended absence has caused a lot of concern.

Kennedy Agyapong admitted that even though he formerly dated her and the two of them shared two children, she is now an adult and has married. He made this admission on Sunyani’s Suncity Radio morning show.

Knowing that, he is no longer allowed to meddle in her affairs.

“Adwoa Safo resides in America. Only two of my children are with her, and we are not married. She is a self-sufficient individual, thus she is free to remain wherever she is.

“I contributed, but since it didn’t work, I’m giving up. So please don’t ask me if she doesn’t return. since she is married and I am not allowed to interfere with her marriage… I tried my best, but it didn’t work,” he said.

Since the end of the previous year, Adwoa Safo has been living in the United States. As Minister for Women, Children, and Social Protection, she has been “abandoning her seat” while on a lengthy vacation.

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