Afia Schwar did not visit Nogopko shrine – Fetish priest reveals

Afia Schwarzenegger’s assertions that she went to the Nogopko temple to settle her scores with Chairman Wontumi and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw have been debunked.

The NPP Ashanti Regional Chairman recently sued the controversial comedian with a GHC2 million defamation action for pretending to be his former lover.

In an attempt to clear her name, Afia cast generational curses on Chairman Wontumi for denying their relationship through his lawyer, who also accused her of sleeping with dogs for fun.

As if that wasn’t enough, she posted images of herself this morning sitting in front of a signboard indicating that she was in the Nogokpo township to summon the politician to a strong temple to settle their dispute “for good.”

However, it has since been revealed that Afia Schwar’s Instagram photo was merely a ruse to instill dread in people with whom she is at odds.

Mona Gucci posted a screenshot of a private communication between Afia and a Fetish priest at Nogokpo, in which the priest stated that she never stepped foot in the temple to do any “business,” as she claimed online.

The priest, whom Mona claims is her uncle, in his candid response to his niece said “she was just passing and took the picture with the signboard”.

Sharing the chat on Instagram, Mona wrote: “Herhhh…I heard someone is in my hometown…to vindicate herself about a brouhaha on sex…Y’all tell her to come back home—cuz my uncle heads the NOGOKPO shrine..n they know all the lies she spewed about me when she was beefing me back then!! Even if she goes to see a smaller shrine within the town they’ll contact the big shrine first”

She continued: “If we all wona run to our hometown to summon people, like Nana yaa Akomea who hides behind ghost accounts tarnishing people’s image with lies..body-shaming celebrities like Tracey Boakye, Xandy Kamel, etc—NANA YAA AKOMEA from Germany would have been in Ghana in 24hrs with her tongue hanging on the floor like..a German shepherd dog !! But we ignore…!come back home n deal with your KARMA…nicely!!.. If even The sex happened,u also spent his money severally— don’t anger the gods in NOGOKPO— come back home n learn to forgive n forget ….my uncle dierrr I call am already NOGOKPO anaaa obiaaaa boaaaaa… Wuntumi ny3 foko!!!!SWIPE LEFT”

Since Afia Schwar has threatened never to allow sleeping dogs to lie until Lawyer Maurice Ampaw is able to provide a shred of evidence of her sleeping with dogs.

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