Afia Schwar savagely throws another bomb to Delay again in latest video

Afia Schwar savagely throws another bomb to Delay again in latest video

Valentina Nana Akua Agyeiwaa aka Afia Schwar, a media personality, has taken another aim at Delay in a new video that has been seen on her Instagram page.

Afia Schwar has apparently refused to let the hostility between herself and Delay die after sparring with her on the internet only a few months ago.

Afia Schwar accused Delay of throwing oblique punches and glances at her at every chance in this latest scathing attack.

Which she finds extremely unjust because she has been silent about their long-running feud for some time now in order for peace to rule and bygones to be bygones, but it’s evident Delay is ready to battle her for the umpteenth time.

Savage Afia Schwar, known for her dragon mouth and pepper lips, hurled accusations against Delay after expressing her disgust with how the TV program presenter has continuously attacked her through the corners.

If Delay is the strong lady she pretends to be, she should publicly disclose her identity in her indirect assaults, like Afia Schwar did, and quit being a coward.

Afia Schwar also promised to make Delay cry again after making her cry on live radio a few months ago after making fun of her childlessness.

Afia Schwar closed her furious attack on Delay by criticizing her to have birth since that’s what genuinely counts in life and not her never-ending gimmicks on the net.

Social media users who saw this footage from Afia Schwar’s camp chastised her for acting like a youngster despite the fact that she is 40 years old.

Check out some of the Ig comments criticizing Afia Schwar for her unjustified attack on Delay.

_khelvin._– You dey envy delay Paa ooo herrr

123_pearls – Delay has every right to talk on her program,as long as she mentions no name I don’t think it’s a shade….she just makes her commercials fun n I love that about her

belams_theaximburgerc – I really like you paa, but please don’t use “awo” to insult. Thanks

anamsdebe24 -please,I know you know children are gifts from God? Please don’t be using that.


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