Afia Schwar shares childhood photos of her twins to further mock Delay amid adoption rumors

Afia Schwarzenegger has posted childhood images of her twin boys to refute accusations that she adopted them and to continue mocking Delay for her lack of children.

Afia Schwar, born Valentina Agyeiwaa pseudonym, proudly displayed childhood images of her twins to establish that she gave birth to them herself, not as Delay supporters believe.

Afia Schwar criticized Delay for being a barren lady with no kid at the age of 47 when the dispute between herself and Delay developed into attacking personalities.

Following her vulgar assault, numerous internet users retaliated by accusing her of adopting her twins, James and John.

Afia Schwarzenegger has published a photo of herself with her biological children when they were babies to prove that she is capable of bearing children, unlike her opponent, who she claims is barren.

She writes in her commentary that she took this shot when James and John were just 2 weeks old and that they arrived while she was still married.


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