Afia Schwar shows the faces of her two daughters for the first time

Afia Schwar’s continuing feud with Delay is clearly not going away anytime soon, as she continues to throw indirect shade at the TV host/radio show host whenever she gets the chance.

By uploading a lovely video of her freshly adopted daughters, the gasbag star has once again delivered a big punch in Delay’s face.

Remember how Afia Schwar humiliated Delay three days ago, calling her a barren lady who has failed miserably in life since she has neither children nor a man of her own at her elderly age?

She also attacked Delay, telling her to try paying her school expenses before she comes after her because they aren’t on the same financial footing right now.

To add salt to injury, Afia Schwar has publicly revealed the faces of her new “children” for the first time.

The tiny children in the film were sleeping well in their tastefully arranged room.

Osikani Kaakyire Asikafuor Agude3 Nhyira and Osikani Kaakyire Asikafuor Agude3 Nhyira are the names of these two children, according to Afia Schwar.

She captioned the lovely video as;

This is what I live for.. my children.
After months of hiding the most beautiful thing in my life becos of how shallow some people think…
I present to you my daughters Osikani Kaakyire and her baby sister, my bundle of joy Asikafuor Agude3 Nhyira.
I bless God for their lives and I miss them.
5 down, 5 more to go…Blessed New Month Schwaralewas.

watch the video below

Since they parted ways as pals, Afia Schwar has been a thorn in Delay’s flesh. This is the hundredth time they’ve fought on the internet, and they’ll undoubtedly do it again in the future.

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