Afia Schwar’s son’s ex-girlfriend shows him what’s he’s missing after his mother caused their breakup [Video]

Naa Korshie, the ex-girlfriend of Afia Schwarzenegger’s son James, is showing him what he’s missing.

The woman and James Ian Heerdegen met as first-year students at the University of Ghana and fell in love right away.

James’ mother, Afia Schwarzenegger, mocked the girl as soon as they made their relationship public.

She claimed unequivocally that her son would not marry any female student in Ghana and that all he wants to do is cut the Naa Korshie girl.

The lady ended the relationship because of the man’s continual disdain for her.

Naa Korshie has progressed a year later, and in her most recent video, she is beaming, most likely to remind James of the meat he gave up because of his mother’s strange attitude.

The song “sumo y3 he ni sumo yorr,” which translates to “Love goes where love is” on the young lady’s video compilation, says it all.

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