Afia Schwarzenegger returns second adopted child to her parents

Afia Schwarzenegger returns second adopted child to her parents

Afia Schwarzenegger, a Ghanaian actress, has given in to criticism and returned Agude3 Nhyira, a six-year-old daughter she adopted, to her parents.

This follows allegations in May that the orphanage home where Afia applied for the girl’s adoption had written to her to officially request that the kid be returned.

In the presence of the girl, it is said that Afia Schwar smokes and abuses narcotic substances such as marijuana, as well as consumes alcoholic beverages.

According to reports, the orphanage made this request after observing her poor parenting, which they think may negatively impact the girl.

Initially, it was assumed that the girl in issue was Adiepena Geiling Amankona, her first adoptive kid in addition to her male twins.

She appears to have adopted a second one, Agude3 Nyhira.

Due to the public outcry, the comedienne and outspoken socialite disclosed a few days ago that she had returned Nhyira to her parents.

Agude3 Nhyira, she said, was a needy youngster she knew from church and intended to help, but the acts of certain online users forced her to forsake that idea.

“I didn’t and I don’t know anything here at all. I saw a very poor, innocent child in my church and I just wanted to help. Nhyira has got a very sad story and I wanted to help, but that dream has been cut short,” Afia Schwarzenegger explained in a viral video.

The socialite wished Ghanaians were measured and calculated in their comments so she could have properly taken care of Nhyira.


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