After a lady paid his rent for him, a dispatch rider breaks down in tears.

By paying the rent on a dispatch rider’s residence, a young Nigerian woman recently stopped him from returning to the village.

The lady identified on Twitter as @puffypearl recounted how she made the dispatch rider who delivers her packages happy.

He, the rider, was overcome with emotion after she paid his annual rent.

She took this decision after overhearing him on the phone discussing returning to the village.

The woman’s generosity has been hailed by app users.

Read @puffypearl ‘s tweet;

”Paid my delivery guy’s rent and he fell to the ground crying ??? over heard him tell someone on phone that he was moving back to the village days ago. I just couldn’t let him go”.

See appraisal comments:

@MsVotie; Wow! This is amazing! God bless you, I can do this if I find a loyal rider.

@OgheneTWariboko; Thank you and well done. God bless you.

@TonyIshola; “Not to put a damp on the help you rendered him but hopefully God bless you to be able to pay them the minimum wage if you are not already.We all have to play our little part helping the Economy.”

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