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After Given Me Medicine To Treat Stomach Upset, He Ate Me “Basabasa” In a VIP Bus The First Day We Met ; Lady Cries As She Demands Justice

A lady admitted to sleeping with a man who works for VIP transportation aboard one of the VIP buses on Oyerepa TV’s Oyerepa Afutuo program. She claimed that she traveled to Accra after her brother encouraged her to work at a certain location.

She was suffering gastrointestinal problems when she arrived at the VIP station in Accra, and after jogging for numerous times, a guy named Owusu gave her assistance.

He gave her some medication, and she was OK after that.

She went on to say that Owusu proposed to her the same day and offered to rent her a place. The proposal was accepted by her.

According to the lady, she was resting on one of the bus seats when Owusu ordered her to come rest on a bus mattress.

As Owusu predicted, she slept on the mattress. According to the Lady, Owusu then compelled her to sleep with him.

But the problem is that Mr Owusu, the accused, who was also present at the studio, refused to accept the allegations. He admitted to sleeping with the lady, but not on the bus.

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