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Alpha Hour: Ghanaian woman who shared testimony of how her dead mother sent her ₵14,000 through MoMo says there’s no God in radio interview

Naa Adoley Jeffanet, the woman whose post featuring one of the silliest testimony ever catapulted her to the top of social media attention, has returned to further her notoriety.
Naa Adoley, who evidently likes being in the spotlight, did a fast U-turn to enrage Christians, especially the viewers of the Alpha Hour midnight program, after her tweet sparked a variety of responses from Ghanaians and abroad.

For those who missed Naa’s previous statement which went viral, see below;

“Seriously on Friday night I cried myself out because I felt empty and lonely ? I was broke to the point that my last money left for my project was 2000gh but I haven’t reach anywhere.

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I really believe my mum spirit is always around me, because most of my customers and pastors that have eyes always tells me there is another woman in my shop anytime they visit. I got tired ? and decided to quit again. Then Laila Osman tagged me during ALPHA HOUR, I pray for only 10min and I just slept ?. In the morning that was Saturday I finished washing took my bath and decided to eat and sleep.

I took my phone and I saw momo traction of 14000gh. I’m not expecting any money from anyone oooo. So I called a friend who is owing me over 40000gh that his he the one who sent the money.

He said no. I was just shaking???then I quickly run to the MTN OFFICE at darkuman. To know if it a wrong transaction to my account.

Still no trance. So we called the one who did the transaction and he said my MOTHER SAID HE SHOULD SEND ME THE MONEY ?,for a second I was scared ? the guy described my mum and I said okay ✅ at this moment I have cashed out all the momo. Still I CANT BELIEVE IT BUT I BUY AIR CONDITION FROM THE MONEY ?”

The Accra-based radio station Pluzz FM interacted with her after the dialogue she managed to start when the picture went viral, and she revealed even more unusual information.

The assertion that God does not even exist is foremost among the remarks she made throughout the interview.

Watch the video below as shared by @VanDeMaestro;

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