Any idi0t can go to court – Afia Schwar replies Chairman Wontumi and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Following reports on the internet that she had been sued, Afia Schwar has aggressively snubbed Chairman Wontumi and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, implying that she should be prepared to face defamation charges in court.

Maurice Ampaw, a notorious lawyer, revealed Afia Schwar’s court case, claiming that Afia Schwar had embarrassed Chairman Wontumi with her fraudulent charges.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw claimed in a recent radio interview that he is managing Chairman Wontumi’s case and will go to any length to put Afia Schwar behind prison.

Chairman Wontumi, he said, is a respectable man with a high moral character, as well as a responsible married man.

As if we don’t have laws in this country. How can you go on Instagram and disgrace someone’s husband that he sits on you and farts while making love to you? Have you ever heard Chairman Wontumi being involved in a sex scandal?

He is a decent guy with high moral character. She only wants to destroy the man because she is in pain. We will not allow impunity in the system. She will soon be summoned to court to come and explain what she said. We will also report the case to the IGP, Mr. George Akuffo Dampare. She will soon be invited by the police to write her statement and we will continue from there”, Maurice Ampaw noted.

In a new video, Afia Schwar takes a shot at both Lawyer Maurice Ampaw and Chairman Wontumi in response to the court case.

“Any fool may go to court,” the careless socialite says. She made these comments while combing her hair after learning that she was being sued for defamation for publicly lying about having an affair with Chairman Wontumi.

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