Apart From Some Senior Players, No One Is Guaranteed A Place – Andre Ayew

Apart From Some Senior Players, No One Is Guaranteed A Place – Andre Ayew

Andre Ayew, captain of the Black Stars, feels that no member on Ghana’s team has a guaranteed spot on the World Cup roster just yet, but that certain “experienced players” may have an edge.

Five of the six players who have volunteered to play for Ghana have been placed in the updated roster for the international window, with Patrick Pfeiffer the lone exception.

With their participation, several of these players might make Otto Addo’s final team for the World Cup, which will be held in Qatar in November.

However, Ayew claims that no player, with the exception of select experienced players, is guaranteed of a spot on the team.

“The newcomers are talented, but we already have a strong team that qualified for the World Cup, so every position is competitive,” he told Aljazeera.

“Apart from senior players who may have an advantage, I believe no one is guaranteed a place in the squad just yet. Everyone must prove their quality on the field and everyone has a chance, giving the coach more options and solutions, formations, and I believe it is beneficial to have new players with the right mentality.”

Ayew added that the door is always opened for players who are ready to play for the country to do well at the Mundial.

“The players are good, and qualifying for the World Cup makes you very attractive. Why not let the boys come? The door is open for any Ghanaian who wants to play for and help the country, but you must come with the same determination you put into your club, the same desire, and you cannot expect everything in your European club to be the same in the national team because there is a time for the team to adapt.”

The Black Stars are currently in Spain, where they will face Nicaragua in a friendly game on Tuesday, September 27.

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