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APPLY HERE: GES Opens December 2021

The management of the Ghana Education Service GES has officially opened the recruitment portal for all qualified trained teachers who completed public colleges of education in 2020 to apply.

According to the management, ONLY qualified teachers who completed in 2020 will be considered for recruitment this year.

Henceforth, applicants MUST meet the following requirements before consideration.

  1. Completed any of the 46 Public Colleges of Education in 2020 and have no outstanding exams or referrals.

2. Completed the mandatory National Service

3. Passed the National Teacher Licensure Exams

4. Will be ready to work wherever services are needed.

Interested applicants should access the GES official website ( to complete an online application form on or before 31st December 2021.

Application Procedures For GES Recruitment

  1. If you are ready to start the application process go to and click on “Recruitment (Apply postings )” tab. Or you can visit
  1. After click on the “Click to Start Filling Form” button.
  1. You will See the first section of the application form that is the personal details section. In this section enter your personal details such as your first name, last name, date of birth, place of birth, region of birth, nationality, marital status, email and phone number.
  1. When you are done entering your personal details, the “certification” section shows up. On this page you are to enter your “NTC Licensure number” and select your “NTC Result” with the option of either “Pass” or “Fail”. You are also to enter your “College Of Education Index No”, this refers to your index number from the institution you attended, then select your “COE Result” with the option of either “Pass” or “Fail”. Afterwards, enter your “NSS Number”, “District of NSS Posting” and select your “Region of NSS Posting” and “Year of Completing NSS”
  1.   After entering your certification details, the passport picture and certificates upload section shows up. Click on “choose file” at the “File Upload-Passport Picture” section to choose your passport picture and click on the “Upload-Passport Picture” button to upload your passport.

Do the same to upload your certificates in the “File Upload Certified Copies Of Certificates” section. Certificates to be uploaded are your college/university diploma certificates, your national service certificate, and your licensure exams certificate.

  1. After uploading your certificates and clicking on “Upload Certificates“, the “Submit Application Form” button shows up. Make sure the areas you uploaded your documents are green and shows “view document“. If you do not see this in the respective areas. It means your file did not upload. Click on “Submit Application Form” to submit the application form.
  1. After submitting the application form, the print page shows up. Click on the “Click to Print Submitted Form ” to print your application form. Then click on the  “Click to Close” button to exit the application process.

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