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Ashanti Regional Minister Kicked Us Out – Angry School Feeding Caterers Cries

Ashanti Regional Minister Kicked Us Out – Angry School Feeding Caterers Cries

When they went to protest at the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council in the early hours of Monday, April 3, the school feeding program’s caterers said that Ashanti Regional Minister Simon Osei Mensah barred them from his office and denied their appeal.

According to the caterers, the government’s refusal to make payments on arrears owing to them for a number of periods is the reason they chose to picket outside the Ashanti Regional Minister’s office.

The organization urged the government to urgently raise the per-child feeding charge from 97 pesewas to GHS 3.00.

Dorothy Sarpong, a representative for the Feeding Program, claimed that when they went to the political leader of the area to request that their debts be paid off, they were informed that they were creating noise and instructed to stop.

Mrs. Sarpong described the event to Umaru Sandu Amadu on Eyewitness News on Citi FM, saying it was extremely upsetting that the Regional Minister should treat them badly despite the difficulties caterers face in supplying meals to schoolchildren.

Unexpectedly, the Regional Minister of Ashanti, Simon Osei Mensah, escorted us out and stated, “We can’t come here with this noise, and you can’t go to your father to cry for help while yelling.”

You are asking us to stop making noise and that you won’t listen to us when the ladies are sobbing, upset, under pressure, and owe their suppliers a lot of money.

The government’s failure to pay more than three terms’ worth of arrears owing to the caterers last week prompted them to threaten to stop providing their services.

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