Bad day for a thief as residents force him to eat a full bunch of unripe plantain after being caught [Watch Video]

A thief was caught in the act and received an unusual sort of punishment, but luck escaped him.
Residents insisted that the man consume all of the unripe plantains before being released, so the man was forced to do so.

The video shows a man pressing the man to consume the plantain despite the fact that he was being forced to do so and appeared exhausted at one point.

The most unusual heartache tale, though, is a man who learned via his girlfriend’s WhatsApp status that she had become engaged to another man after four years of dating.

The man was horrified to learn that the woman was getting married on the same day that he had given her his “last” of his money, promising to make it up to her with more money later.

The man, inconsolable, told his close friend about his ordeal, and the audio of that conversation was posted online to support this story.

On her birthday, he allegedly sent her N10,000, but she shocked him by getting engaged the same day.

The young man went on to say that the woman has been assuring him for a long time that their relationship will end in marriage, and he based his investment on that promise.

The man uploaded pictures of her flaunting an engagement ring and a proposal package that he had downloaded from her WhatsApp status.

Various portions of the images were shared online by well-known website Instablog9ja, as may be seen below;

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