Because of my dwarfism, church ushers used to pull me to children’s service – Don Little cries and recounts

Don Little has detailed the disadvantages and problems he faced as a child as a result of his tiny height.
In an interview with Oman Channel, the small actor, who was founded by Cow and Chicken creator, Funny Face, revealed how he was dragged to church’s Children’s service despite being far past that stage.

He claimed that his life experiences, as well as other discriminations he has faced, have psychologically toughened him to reach this point in his life.

“Back when my classmates laughed at me, I used to ask God a lot of questions.” I’d stand in front of the mirror and ponder what it is about me that makes others laugh.

I’ve had older people laugh at me on occasion.

“I’ve had older folks laugh at me and look down on me. It happens occasionally in church. I recall going to church and sitting in the main auditorium when an usher approached me, handed me a toffee, and pulled me away to Sunday School (children’s service). It’s not easy; this is a severe situation.

They claim I’m little, and that because of my height, they can pull me from adult service to children’s service and hand me a toffee,” Don Little explained.

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