Boy Receives 120 Strong Lashes At The Back For Stealing IPhone 6s [VIDEO]

A teen has been lashed savagely by a gaggle of males after he was purportedly discovered taking an iPhone 6s.

That is legitimate from one other viral video that has lately surfaced on the net

Within the video, a younger fellow is seen held by 4 robust males noticeable throughout as yet another man with sticks lashes him like a goat.

As per the subtleties, the speculate took the phone whereas at a social occasion.

On the level when he was gotten, he was called behind the place of the occasion. In the end, persuaded that he took the phone, he consented to the discipline.

He was flagellated like a distraught goat… Shockingly, he didn’t make any sturdy whereas being flagellated.

Watch the video below;

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