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Breaking: Angry teachers walk out of meeting on their COLA, accuse govt of betraying their trust

In a meeting with government representatives on Tuesday, July 12, the leadership of the teacher unions that were on strike walked out, according to TV3’s Daniel Opoku, who has been following developments with the teacher unions. The meeting was intended to discuss the problems that led to the strike.

Angry teachers move out

After leaving the meeting in Accra, the presidents of the National Association of Teachers (NAGRAT) and the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Thomas Musah and Angel Carbonou, respectively, told journalists that the government’s representatives wanted the unions to end the strike before negotiations could begin.

They said that this was a violation of trust, which is why they decided to skip the meeting.

“I believe what occurred today is quite awful,” Thomas Musah stated. We can now state that our negotiations have ended without a resolution and that we are continuing on strike.

Mr. Carbonou responded, “They are hinting and begging us to end our strike before discussions start. The government side is not prepared to resume negotiations unless the teacher unions call off the strike, which is all it implies.

We had the assumption that organized labor had been gathered for us to find a solution to the COLA issue, so holding all organized labor unions hostage is a violation of faith. We now believe that we will leave meetings on our own before they even walk us out because we are unwelcome.

To support their demand for the Cost-of-Living Allowance, the four (4) unions in the field of education—GNAT, NAGRAT, Teachers’ and Educational Workers’ Union (TEWU), and Coalition of Concerned Teachers, Ghana—withdrew their support on Monday, July 4th, 2022. (COLA).

Both teaching and non-teaching employees were involved in this.

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