BREAKING: CAF officer for Nigeria Ghana game dies amidst Nigeria fans riot at Abuja stadium; Sad Video Drops

Following the unrest that occurred after the Nigeria-Ghana match, a CAF officer lost his life.

At the Nigeria versus Ghana match, a Confederations of African Football (CAF) officer was killed.

Nigerian supporters stormed the pitch after the game was called off to vandalize their own National Stadium.

Apparently, vandalism wasn’t limited to the football field at the time, but spanned the whole stadium.

According to certain accounts, some of the supporters defeated the game’s CAF doping officer, Dr. Joseph Kabungo of Zambia.

He passed out and was transported to the Ghana dressing in an ambulance for CPR.

Dr. Joseph Kabungo was later transferred to the hospital, but he died before he could return.

According to another version, the Zambian doctor’s death was caused by heart arrest rather than crowd violence.


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