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BREAKING NEWS: Africans are in trouble as another terrorist attack in Togo, close to Ghana’s border

Terrorists have struck the Republic of Togo once more, this time near border towns in Ghana’s North Eastern Region.

According to a JoyNews article, the incident occurred at 3:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 16, 2022, and culminated in a nearly three-hour battle between terrorists and Togo Army officers.

According to the report, no one was hurt in the attack, and the event did not spread to other parts of Ghana.

Dr Ishmael Norman, President of the Institute for Security, Disaster and Emergency Studies, told JoyNews in a GhanaWeb-monitored interview that the latest terrorist attacks in Togo are highly concerning.

The assaults in Togo, he said, are particularly concerning since they are likely to be carried out by internal forces in the nation, as there is no established terrorist organisation there.

Dr. Norman went on to say that the nature of Thursday’s incident necessitates Ghana’s security apparatus being on high alert at all times.

He went on to remark that while Ghana’s anti-terrorism “if you see anything, say something” campaign is fine for domestic consumption, it will be meaningless if terrorists chose to strike the country.

He stressed that “our own security system is on a 24/7 awareness” is required.

The incident in Togo on Thursday marks the country’s third terrorist strike. The first attack occurred in November 2021, followed by a second strike in May 2022.

The incident in May 2022, which took place in the country’s northern region, killed eight troops and injured thirteen more. Since then, the government has been on high alert.

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