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Breaking News: Ghana Education Service SACKS “outspoken” Teacher Kwadwo over poor conduct

The young instructor who has been campaigning for the well-being of his coworkers and students has been shown the way out with only a few days till Christmas.

Michael Owusu Afriyie, also known as Teacher Kwadwo, an energetic teacher and social media activist, has verified that he was fired by the Ghana Education Service barely a day after helping his students through the National Assessment Examination.

Former Akrokerri College of Education student and comedian who appears on UTV’s United Showbiz every Saturday has taken it upon himself to speak out against the mistreatment of teachers across the country while carrying out their duties.

Although he has been praised by many instructors who feel he is on the right track, his bosses have been irritated by his recent episodes of exposing what he calls the rot in the Ghana Education Service.

As a result, his contract has been terminated with immediate effect, and he has been ordered to give overall Ghana Education Service materials and property in his control.

“Okay, so I can’t share the text of the letter here for some “PROFESSIONAL” reasons,” Teacher Kwadwo said on Facebook. “All that is in the letter is that my District Education Office through Ghana Education Service claims they have terminated me.”

“Their justifications are rather amusing. This will be the first-ever TEACHER vs. GES clash in Ghanaian education history. Relax, since it will soon be all over the news, and you will know all there is to know about it.

Ɛbɛyɛ butubutu,” he added.

According to Teacher Kwadwo, the Ghana Education Service’s top hierarchy had been waiting for a better opportunity to fire him because the letter confirming his dismissal was dated in October — three months ago.

“The SACKING letter I received yesterday is dated “October 27th, 2021.” What was the date yesterday, Abeg?

“That is to say, they typed the letter for a long time and we’re seeking an opportunity, but since they didn’t receive it, they sent it to me in that form.”

“Meaning they have typed the letter looooong time and was looking for an opportunity but since they don’t get it, they have given it to me like that.
Wɔn atetɛ me akyɛ,” he concluded.

Teacher Kwadwo is well-known for giving his student’s school uniforms and other learning tools. After a video he released on social media, he recently restored Akrofrom D/A Primary School with the support of some well-meaning Ghanaians.

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  1. Teacher Kwadwo derserve it right, there is nowhere in the world a worker will choose to disgrace his employer to the whole world to survive in the company, teacher kwadi started this quite a long time He wouldn’t have been working till today if GES is a orivate entity. You became popular through the social media and should have built your talent instead of insulting your employers in the name of expose.
    There is a proper way of putting grievances across in every organisation.
    A lesson to all.

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