BREAKING NEWS: Speaker Of Parliament Dies While On Medical Review Abroad [WATCH]

When Uganda’s speaker of Parliament, Right Honorable Jacob Oulanyah, died, Ghanaians couldn’t retain their composure. He was apparently in the United States of America for a medical examination.

As soon as TV3 broadcasted the news, comments began to pour in.

“This is frightening and alarming news. In the name of Jesus, our speaker will live. The Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament has died. “May his sweet spirit rest in perfect peace,” George Badu said in response to the news.

” Why didn’t he go to Uganda for medical advice? For the same reason, we have one in Dubai. Why do African leaders come to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Dubai for urgent medical care?

Why don’t they utilize the hospitals that they constructed themselves? It’s as though I’m talking a lot. May Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament have a good night’s sleep. “You’ve had your fill,” said Gregory Egyapa Atta, expressing his own emotions.

Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament was only in office for ten months, according to reports. The country has gone into sorrow, and the presidency is planning his funeral.

May his sweet spirit rest in complete peace for the remainder of his life. Take a look at the news and the emotions that followed.

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