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BREAKING: Police arrest 25 rioters in connection with flogging of lovers in Wa; Statement Issued

Police in Washington have detained 25 people in connection with a violent effort to free three people accused of whipping two lovers in a sex film.

Sidiki Osman, Bushiran Khigir, and Issahaku Mahama were detained earlier on Wednesday and are being held in jail until the outcome of the inquiry.

The 25, who were part of an enraged mob, attacked the station with guns in the evening to protest and demand their release.

The police claimed the enraged mob bombarded the charge office and nearby offices with stones and other objects, according to a statement.

They also set fire to car tyres on some of the city’s key thoroughfares.

“They also poured the contents of dust bins down these roadways, causing damage to several street lights and poles, as well as some private property.” The violent mob also blocked key roadways, preventing vehicles from moving freely,” according to the statement.

The disturbance, according to the police, was “intended to obstruct the path of justice for the victims who were flogged in the Wa viral video, and we condemn it categorically.”

They will, therefore, be arraigned to face the law.

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