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British High Commissioner replies IGP Dampare after she was told to “mind her business”

Harriet Thompson, the British High Commissioner to Ghana, claims her tweet on Oliver Barker’s recent arrest for a traffic infringement was not designed to anger Ghanaians, as the police response reveals.

The Inspector-General of Police claimed the High Commissioner’s tweet amounted to involvement in Ghana’s internal security matters in a sharply worded statement.

The High Commissioner responded to the Police by telling GHOne TV that her statement had been misconstrued.

“That was not the aim, and in my experience, Ghana is a peaceful country where people have the freedom to express themselves and to demonstrate against issues that concern them.”

“In my opinion, a tweet like that would not send Ghanaians out on the streets.” It appears that my tweet was not received as intended. I didn’t anticipate the IGP to respond at all.

“If I were informed there were odds like that, I would not be tweeting like that,” she added. “But I haven’t seen anything like that in the time I’ve been here that would imply his response.”

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