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CAGD Requests For These Important Documents From Government Workers Again After Upgrading Their System -Check Out

To be able to access services, some Ghanaian public sector employees have been instructed to provide their personal information to the Controller and Accountant General’s Department.

If a person’s passport photo has not been updated in the system, the information includes it. They explained that the passport photos didn’t fit their specifications, that several were larger than intended, and that they had requested it.

Greetings, Colleagues. This morning, a large number of members got notes from their department bosses.

The reason for the notification is that the Controller and Accountant General’s Department has modified their platform, which now requires the Validators in your schools to authenticate your bio photo and phone number. Your E-payslip Platform must include these images.

Despite the fact that the photos were posted some time ago, some of them did not fit the requirements and were thus rejected. Others were not authenticated as well.

You can’t create a mandate form without a valid photo and phone number, and you can’t transact any transaction that goes via the Controller and Accountants General’s Department, such as loans, Fund Increment, and so on, without one.

To check if you have a Validated Picture, simply open your E-payslip and look for your picture.

The CAGD recently upgraded their system and introduced various innovations to their portal, including the option to update a member’s date of birth, change their bank account number, and other graphical upgrades, which caused the system to go offline for a few days.

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