Camera Captures Rev Anthony Kwadwo Boakye Wife Slapping A Church Elder Over Offertory; Video Drops

Camera Captures Rev Anthony Kwadwo Boakye Wife Slapping A Church Elder Over Offertory; Video Drops

The fight for domination between Reverend Mrs. Anthony Boakye and the leaders of Resurrection Power New Generation Ministries reached a new level on Sunday, August 28, 2022.

In CCTV footage from the church’s Kasoa headquarters on Sunday, the wife of the organization’s founder, Reverend Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, is seen hitting some church leaders.

Mrs. Boakye was reportedly enraged because church authorities were seated close where certain selected church members were counting offerings collected during church service.

The funds were intended for the purchase of a “white automobile” for Reverend Boakye, who now preaches to his congregation digitally from a faraway place.

Reverend Boakye, who is recovering from a long illness, recently told his church members that God has commanded him to acquire a white automobile and requested them to contribute to the purchase.

On Sunday, the church members had a special offering for the car’s purchase; however, counting the money ended in a fight between the church officials and the founder’s wife.

Mrs. Boakye is seen on CCTV heading to the location where the money is being counted to confront some guys who are allegedly church leaders.

Reverend Johnson Kwasi Asare, Mrs. Boakye’s brother, addressed the situation in an interview with Ekuonaba TV.

While denouncing his sister’s behavior, Reverend Asare revealed that the entire incident was staged by a cartel of church officials in order to discredit his sister.

“It is a church cartel comprised of Church Father Mr. Yeboah, Elder Boat, and others.” I’ve already stated that it’s all about money. The church leaders gathered with Bishop (Anthony Boakye) and other attorneys and decided to choose 12 individuals to count the church funds. The pastor’s wife and church officials are not permitted to enter the area where the money is tallied.

“I think my sister overreacted.” But there is an accord. The arrangement was that the pastor’s wife, church officials, and other stakeholders would appoint a representative to participate in the counting, which has been in place for some time. “However, on Sunday, the pastor’s wife discovered that the church officials who are attempting to waste the money had gone to sit where the counting was being done, which caused her to confront them,” he stated.

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