Can the US lose to the People’s Republic of China?

The demonization of the Chinese republic by the US has gained lots of ground in the politics of the United States. Not a single day passes without a major figure in the country’s politics issuing a threat about China being a threat to the country’s national security.

In April this year, a 281-page bill which was title “Strategic Competition Act of 2021” was released in the US congress. All this noise on China would instantly give the ordinary American observer that its government is not downplaying the threat coming from China. Actually, the real danger of demonizing China is that it might make even well thinking Americans to be of the thought that a country of their stature possesses many natural advantages over a country of China’s sort. By having this frame of thought, American citizens cannot even envision the possibility that their beloved country can eventually lose to China.

This mental underestimating the strength of China against that of their country simply reveals that the ordinary citizen is greatly looking down on the challenge China poses to the US. Having recently gone through a tortuous and tumultuous period in the history of the country, which was dubbed the “century of humiliation” led by Japanese and Western elements, the Chinese essentially believe that America is simply trying all its efforts and means to keep their country down and prevent their ascension to their rightfully deserved place among world powers.

The greatest mistake the American government constantly makes is the thought that their strategic competitor is the current regime in China, the Chinese Communist Party. This goes on to explain the American belief that eventually democracy will prevail in the fight. Yet, the actual competitor to America is the four-thousand-year-old Chinese civilization.

The oldest rule in geopolitics advocated by Carl Von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu is simple “know thine adversary.” America is on a sad note simply ignoring this basic rule.

As the Chinese economy continues to blossom and blossom, it will definitely challenge America’s image as the world’s premier economic power. The real goal of the Chinese government is to improve the lives of its people.

The real competition America faces from China is that of an economic one. If this turns out to be true, then the logical steps to be taken by America should be that of enhancing its economic competitiveness. One way will be to cut its bloated defense budget by 50% and re-invest that money into research and development purposes.

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