“Cancel E-LEVY” – Government told following IMF decision

“Cancel E-LEVY” – Government told following IMF decision

The Ghanaian government has been instructed to postpone the introduction of the E-LEVY until it is absolutely necessary.

This movement has developed as a result of the government’s decision to request a bailout from the IMF.

The administration revealed its choice to seek an IMF bailout as a measure to bolster the struggling economy in a statement signed by the information minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah.

An excerpt of the statement reads:

“The engagement with the IMF will seek to provide a balance of payment support as part of a broader effort to quicken Ghana’s build back in the face of challenges induced by the Covid-19 pandemic and, recently, the Russia-Ukraine crises.” read more HERE.

Following that, Ghanaians are calling for the government to cancel the controversial E-LEVY.

Before the implementation of the E-LEVY, the government decided against going to the IMF for a bailout to support the economy.

It had been argued that E-LEVY was a better way of mobilizing funds than going to the IMF for a bailout which would come with terms and conditions.

On the back of government’s fresh decision to go for an IMF bailout, Ghanaians have asked for the E-LEVY to be cancelled immediately.

Social media has been awashed with pleas where Ghanaians believe that in the true spirit of accountability and probity, the E-LEVY policy should be cancelled and all deductions refunded immediately.

@DonYussif commented: We for cancel every political policy… FSHS, Nabco, planting for food and jobs and all the policies which doesn’t yield us any economic benefits oo.

@KofiApaa wrote: It’s a difficult one tbh but I think it should be reduced to a negligible percentage eg 0.5% – 0.75% hopefully that would encourage more use of MoMo transactions. Ghana has a small tax base.

@kwameoasante wrote: But correct me if I’m wrong; one of the reasons why the E Levy was introduced was to make us not go back to IMF. So if the government is going back IMF why keep E Levy? I think we have a problem with management and structure.

@kofipapa99 wrote: It was a failure from the beginning…the service providers charge 1 percent and at a flat rate after 1000 cedis transaction…but e levy want 1.5 percent on any amount ..how can this work

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