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Captain Smart attacked by armed robbers

Captain Smart attacked by armed robbers

Captain Smart of Media General was ambushed by armed robbers on the weekends in Ada.

The armed bandits who broke into his car, according to the astute and outspoken journalist, stole his cash, tablet, and other items, including his slippers and shoes.

Captain Smart, who believes the armed robbers were hired by senior politicians to attack him, went on to say that after doing a chemical examination inside his ruined vehicle, he discovered blood traces.

As Captain Smart clearly suggests, certain terrible individuals in significant places in the government are wanting his life just because he speaks truth to power.

He further alleged that the folks who sent the armed robbers after him are plotting another diabolical scheme to get him imprisoned again.

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After his detention, employ an insider to brutalize and harm him in the police cells with a knife hidden within a loaf of bread.

Captain Smart also stated on his ONUA TV show this morning that he is prepared for them and would continue to speak truth to power regardless of what they do to him.


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