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CHECK NOW: Applicants Should Check Documents Needed For GES Transfer-2022/2023

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The Ghana Education Service (GES) has released the documents needed by its staff in order to apply for transfer in the 2022/2023 academic year.

GES Teachers in the teaching fraternity who seek to apply for intra-district, inter-districts, or inter-regional transfer are urged to take note of the following documents before and during the application process.

What is Intra-District GES Transfer?

A transfer inside the same district is known as an intra-district transfer. This implies you’ll be sent to a different school in the same district.

Because it deals mostly with internal arrangements with a district director of education in a particular district, this is one of the easiest transfers to get inside the GES.

Documents Needed For GES Intra-District Transfer

  • Application Letter
  • Current payslip
  • personal record form,
  • Professional certificates,
  • bank clearance
  • Assurance letter issued by the District Director of Education

What is GES Inter-District Transfer?

A move from one school district to another is known as an inter-district transfer. This signifies that the person will be transferred from one district to another.

Documents Needed For GES Inter-District Transfer

  • application letter
  • inter-regional reposting form
  • Current Payslip
  • Assurance Letter
  • Certificates
  • Bank Clearance
  • covering letter to the Regional Director for final approval.

What is GES Inter-Regional Transfer?

An inter-regional transfer is a term used in the GES to describe a transfer that happens between two regions.

This entails moving from one district in one region to another district in a different region.

Because the ultimate permission must come from the Director-General of GES, it is regarded as one of the most difficult transfers to approve.

Documents Required for GES Inter-Regional Transfer

  • Application letter
  • Inter-regional reposting form
  •  Current Payslip
  • Assurance Letter
  • Certificates
  • Bank Clearance
  • a cover letter to the Regional Director.

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