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CHECKLISTS: GES Drops Unqualified Newly Posted Teachers’ Staff IDs 2022

CHECKLISTS: GES Drops Unqualified Newly Posted Teachers’ Staff IDs 2022

The following is a list of recently posted GES professors whose staff IDs could not be issued for a variety of reasons.

The Ghana Education Service (GES), which reports to the Ministry of Education (MoE), has faced insurmountable obstacles in its efforts to hasten the production of staff IDs for newly assigned teachers in order to increase salary payments.

According to a list supplied to Educandghana.Net, numerous newly employed instructors gave erroneous information to the service responsible for issuing staff IDs, making the essential operations impossible to carry out.

These new facilitators provided wrong information, including incorrect SSNIT numbers and missing bank account information.

Furthermore, numerous persons provided incomplete paperwork to the GES headquarters in order to create staff IDs. Others failed to include a copy of their appointment letters from the Director-General of GES, while some declined to submit their letter of assumption of duties.

Victims of the aforementioned issue are holding the various Human Resource Departments (HRD) and IPPD coordinators responsible for failing to submit the essential documentation and correct data.

According to several victims who contacted EducandGhana, they submitted all of the necessary paperwork and information at the district, municipal, and metro levels; hence, the different education directorates should be held liable.

Other victims feel it is a method employed by the Ghana Education Service management to postpone the payment of new teachers’ salary.

The list has been posted here for the general public’s review.



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