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Checkout four countries that speak twi aside Ghana

Unquestionably, Twi (Akan Kasa) is one of the nation’s most alluring and relaxing dialects. Nearly everyone in the country speaks Twi. Twi has been used in a variety of settings, including TV, radio, and football discussions.

However, contrary to popular belief, Ghana is not the only country that speaks Twi. Stay with me as I lead you through this journey to discover those various countries. Additionally, note that Akan can be used in instead of Twi throughout the text.

Brief History 

Twi, otherwise called Akan Kasa, is a lingo of the Akan language spoken in southern and focal Ghana by a few million individuals, basically of the Akan individuals, the biggest of the seventeen significant ethnic gatherings in Ghana. 

Twi has around 17–18 million speakers altogether, including second-language speakers; about 29% of the Ghanaian populace speaks Twi as a first or second language. Twi is a typical name for commonly comprehensible previous scholarly vernaculars of the Akan language, Fante, Bono, Asante and Akuapem. Akuapem as the main Akan tongue to be utilized for Bible interpretation, has become the renown lingo thus. 

Twi which is a tongue of the Akan language is a subsidiary of a Bono lord Nana Baffuor Twi. Thus, Twi is additionally spoken by different locals not of Ghana. 

1. Ivory Coast 

There are in excess of 60 ethnic gatherings in Cote D’Ivoire, yet the Baule, just as different locals living east of the Bandama River is associated with the Twi in Ghana. 

Driven by Princess Pokou who later became sovereign, a few individuals from the Ashanti clan moved and settled in Cote d’Ivoire, where they are currently known as the Baoule individuals and distinguish themselves as Akan instead of a subgroup of the Ashanti. 

The Baoule clan is one of the greatest in Cote d’Ivoire. Her mom, Nyakou Kosiamoa was the niece of Osei Kofi Tutu I, prime supporter of the Ashanti Empire. 

During the development of the Ashanti, numerous subgroups had to perceive themselves and submit to the Ashanti Empire completely. Princess Pokou thought that it was pointless that the Empire needed more force and control. The debate prompted war, and Princess Pokou chose to relocate with her fixation minister, her child and a gathering of willing Ashantis to new region. 

As indicated by the oral history of the Baoule individuals in Cote d’Ivoire, Princess Pokou counseled her minister on the most proficient method to cross the stream. In the wake of counseling the divine beings, her cleric educated her that a penance regarding her most significant belonging must be made for her kin to traverse effectively. 

Princess Pokou relinquished her child, tossing him into the waterway to mollify the crocodiles and the individuals had the option to traverse leaving Ashanti domain and Ghana in general. 

The individuals and their princess traveled on until they arrived at ripe land and settled in what is presently cutting edge Cote d’Ivoire. They named themselves Baoule, which implied the ‘youngster is dead’ to fill in as a token of the penance of their pioneer. 

She likewise ingrained valiance and trust in her kin who stand out forever as pursuing the longest war of protection from French colonization in the entire of Africa and clutching their customary convictions and lifestyle. This is the reason the clan remains the greatest in Cote d’Ivoire till date. Along these lines making Ivory Coast a Twi talking nation. 

2. Suriname 

Ghana shares numerous recorded and social binds with Suriname as countless individuals who were caught and sold into subjection during the Dutch time frame were from Ghana. The greater part of the slaves imported to Suriname originated from Ghana (more than 53,000, 25 percent of the aggregate) and Bight of Benin (more than 34,700, 16.4 percent of the aggregate). 

The Akans from Ghana were, formally, the dominating slave bunch in Suriname and would because of their battle ready foundation and normal language become runaway slaves (Maroons) and lead a few slave uprisings over the Caribbean and the Americas with outstanding pioneers being Cudjoe, Quamin, Quamina, and Cuffy which compare to Akan day names Kojo, Kwame, Kwabena and Kofi. 

For their glad showcase of riches and culture and their predominance in West African history, the Akan ethnic gathering stays one of the most conspicuous and famous families in West Africa and Surinamese culture. Therefore, making Suriname a Twi talking nation. 

3. Jamaica 

Jamaica” is a Twi expression that began from Ghanaian slaves, the Akan slaves were transported to the remote land and continued saying, “maybe, I’ve stalled out here” in Twi, which was the birthplace of the name “gyama y3 otherwise known as” (Jamaica). 

The Kromanti language is the primary language of the Jamaican Maroons. Jamaican grower utilized the term Koromanti which was utilized to allude to slaves bought from the Akan locale of West Africa, by and by known as Ghana. 

The Maroon are relatives of slaves who ran away to opportunity from pioneer subjugation and shaped their own free networks in the seventeenth century. The language flourished in these networks and just started to lessen in use in the mid twentieth century. 

It is commonly spoken now just by older folks in Maroon people group. Kromanti is one of the three dialects of Jamaica and has a place with the Akan language gathering, which incorporates Fante, Asante, and the Twi family. Kromanti is like the Creole dialects spoken in Suriname. 

In Jamaica, it is spoken by the Maroons of Moore Town, Charles Town, and Scott’s Hall. The idea of Maroon society has been depicted as “clandestine,” a component that has been refered to as the main explanation behind the end of Kromanti. 

The language is as of now utilized predominantly in unique stylized circumstances known as the Kromanti Play. A considerable lot of the Kromanti pioneers had names that began in Akan culture. 

4. Benin 

Benin is likewise a remarkable nation to consider as a Twi talking country. 

Today, the Akan culture can likewise be found on the planet as various Akans were taken as hostages from the Gold Coast to the Americas. 

Following times of war, the catch and offer of Akan individuals into the slave exchange shot up, particularly during the wars between the Ashanti clan and the Fante (as the two sides sold countless their hostages) as detainees of war. 

The contentions brought about huge quantities of military hostages being sold into subjugation. In this way spreading Twi everywhere throughout the world.

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