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Christians are facilitators of corruption – Prominent Lecturer reveals

Christians are facilitators of corruption – Prominent Lecturer reveals

Godswill Tetteh Ariikor, an African Studies lecturer at the African University College of Communication, claims that Christians are the main source of corruption in Ghana.

Mr Ariikor, a Christian, expressed his displeasure with the activities of Christians. He expressed dissatisfaction with how people use the Christian flag to conceal illegal activities.

“I am a Christian, but I am not always pleased with what Christians do.” Many of us are concerned about how people are hiding behind Christianity and doing what is absolutely wrong, including corruption, and traditionalists might not even do that,” he said.

According to him, Christians constitute the majority of Ghana’s population, and as such, it is Christians who are responsible for activities such as corruption and environmental trash.

“A higher majority of Ghanaians are Christians, therefore if things aren’t running well, if there’s corruption, if there’s polluting of the environment, you can be sure that it’s the Christians,” he told Abraham Aidoo on Class FM.

He thought that traditionalists, in particular, would not participate in such crimes because their deities would punish them if they were not honest or patriotic.

“Traditionalists might not even do that because they believe that, they must be very honest and that their deity or whatever they worship or whatever it is will strike them if they do not show some level of honesty or patriotism into whatever it is they’re doing, so to a large extent Christianity in this part of the world is not helping us,” he speculated.

Mr Ariikor went on to say that nations like Asia, Japan, and China still practice their traditional religions rather than Christianity and have thriving economy.

Christians are facilitators of corruption – Prominent Lecturer reveals

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