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Come jail me – Bulldog alleges jubilee house threatened him

Come jail me – Bulldog alleges jubilee house threatened him

Bulldog, an artist manager, has claimed that Jubilee House intimidated him because of his negative comments against the president.
Bulldog is now in court on allegations stemming from remarks made during a conversation on United Showbiz a few months ago. He claims that he has been threatened with jail time before the matter is resolved.

During yesterday’s conversation on United Showbiz, Bullgod told Nana Ama McBrown that he had gotten threats from people claiming to be from the Jubilee House.

“They asked me what I thought about people booing the President, and I replied it was excellent that they did. Then there were the follow-up calls and threats to put me in jail.

“I’m speaking to them. People from the Jubilee House or elsewhere arrive to imprison me. So we shouldn’t converse because of you people? Come and put me in jail. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Bullgod believes the President deserves to be booed by citizens at the just concluded Global Citizen Festival. Bulldog believes that the president deserves it.

“We went to the Black Star Square on a lot of subjects (Global Citizen), including poverty reduction, right?” Bullgod stated. And this is a government that has ensured that every Ghanaian is impoverished… “How can you sit there and be a closing business, making the lives of poor Ghanaians miserable?”

“I swear to God, if I don’t go to jail tomorrow, you’re not going to be president.” “Come and imprison me,” Bullgod said. “I already have a legal case with them.” Is that exactly what they’re saying? That they intend to influence the situation?”

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