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‘Daddy is sleeping’ – kid got everyone weep at his dad’s burial [WATCH]

Many social media users have been saddened by the emotional action and words of a little boy during the final burial rite of his father. The words and action from the innocent kid to the mourners sets almost every body into uncontrollable tears.

Death is the sad end of every individual on this planet which cannot be avoided no matter how wealthy one is. During this sad moment, existence on this earth becomes regrettable to many especially when the deceased went through a painful demise despite all their wealth and possessions but could not save their life.

Children are very innocent as far as death is concerned. Children existing on this planet alone and their needs are being catered for is enough to make them happy and innocently ignore the sad end that awaits every individual on this planet. Children’s brains develop rapidly from age’s birth through three. Brain development affects all areas of a child’s growth.

There are four main arrears of development namely Motor or physical, language and communication, social and emotional, and cognitive. Brain development is part of cognitive development. According to studies, 90% of child’s brain develops by age. This intend affects their thinking capacity. A perfect example is this little kid being featured in this article.

This little kid raised the emotions of many people both at the funeral grounds of his dead father and that of social media after the sad incident was shared on the internet. The little boy painfully lost his Daddy even though the actually cause of his death was not disclosed or made known to social media users. 

While many people were crying over the coffin, this little boy looked at the crowd and innocently asked them to keep quiet because his Daddy is sleeping else they will wake him up. “Shhhh… Daddy is sleeping”. The moment he said this, everyone present at the funeral grounds could not control their tears anymore. The demise of the man though sad but the action and words from the little boy got many sharing uncontrollable at the burial rite.

Yes indeed he is innocent but will his innocence bring back his “sleeping” Dad to life? NO! He is gone forever and the void created in the life of this innocent kid cannot be filled by anyone. Life can be unfair to some innocent people and I pray that this innocent kid grows without the death of his father having a negative impact on him.


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