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DAYLIGHT ROBBERY: Robbers attack woman at Dansoman exhibition; flee away with her handbag; Video Drops

A lady known as Bernice Quaye was seen being accosted by armed robbers at Dansoman Exhibition behind the All Brothers bookshop in a video shared on social media.

Madam Bernice Quaye, who told the police she was on her way to visit her parents at Exhibition Roundabout, was attacked by two males on a motorcycle.

Two young males on an unidentifiable motorcycle assaulted her on 24th Cl Street, stealing her brown purse, which contained her Nokia 101 and Samsung Galaxy A23 phones, two full-size notebooks, and Ghc 60.00.

Despite her best efforts, the woman was overwhelmed by one of the males on the motorcycle, who seized her purse.

These crimes have been more common in recent years, despite police attempts to reduce robbery instances.

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