Delay puts her banging body on display in hot pants hours after Tracey Boakye’s wedding [VIDEO]

Delay has managed to divert some of the attention away from her adversary Tracey Boakye’s wedding by displaying her ripped figure.

In the brief video, the renowned on-air personality and entrepreneur offered her admirers a rare glimpse of her juicy thighs and prominent posterior tucked snugly in hot trousers.

The video was uploaded by Instagram blogger SoCalledCelebs, who seems to be a great admirer of the popular Delay Show presenter, as demonstrated by the message she added.

Check out the video below;

Meanwhile, a video showing how coconuts, popularly known as kube by the Akans, were imprinted with Tracey Boakye’s wedding hashtag has gone viral.

The words #FRANCEY22 were artistically imprinted on the coconuts and joyfully shared with wedding guests who thronged the location to engage in the celebrity marriage, which the actress named the “wedding of the year.”

This is something new, and it has elicited emotions online.

Given the publicity surrounding the marriage since it involves a prominent person, every thread connecting the relationship together is being scrutinized, including this latest development that is currently dominating social media debate.

While some wealthy individuals customize their phones and share them at weddings, Tracey settled for less despite her claim to be one of Ghana’s richest celebrities.


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