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Director General of GES Drops Good News For Basic Schools Teachers

Director General of GES Drops Good News For Basic Schools Teachers

Professor Opoku Amankwa, Director General of the Ghana Education Service, has announced when elementary school teachers and remaining teachers who have not received their TM1 computers would receive them.

Prof Amankwa stated on UTV’s Mpu ne Mpu that the laptop distribution will be finished by the middle of September 2022.

He also stated that the delivery of the TM 1 Laptop to all teachers in Senior High Schools across the country is complete. It is worth mentioning, however, that there are isolated mop-ups that should be performed. He stated.

Except for the Ashanti Region, distribution of laptops to teachers at the junior high school level has been completed in 15 regions.

The GES chief claims that he was also debited for the laptop but has yet to get it. He indicated that the teaching personnel in the offices would receive their computers right away, and that distribution to primary school teachers has been accomplished.

Skip to 1:11:23s for the sake of this post.

GES management is working closely with the supplier to ensure that these deadlines are met so that all qualified teachers receive their computers by the middle of September this year.

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