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Distribution Of One Teacher One Laptop To Primary School Teachers Date Reveals: See Details

Following the delivery of laptops to junior high school teachers, the GES has revealed its plans to offer laptops to primary school teachers.

Under the “one teacher, one laptop” plan, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has begun distributing computers to teachers in conjunction with KA Technologies.

Primary school teachers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the current laptop distribution method.

The GES has severely slowed the process, according to a group of instructors at the mentioned level, due to the adoption of the standard-based curriculum at the primary school level in 2019. Despite this, no materials to improve teaching and learning have been supplied.

Individual concerns imply that giving laptops to primary school teachers might make it easier for them to access teaching and learning materials.

Laptops for primary school teachers, according to information acquired from our portal, are ready for delivery.

According to an interview with an IT coordinator in one of the districts, the laptops have been delivered to practically all of the country’s districts and municipalities, including both JHS and primary schools.

According to him, the GES has put in place procedures to ensure a seamless distribution. To put it another way, the service prefers orderliness in distribution.

He also stated that after the distribution to JHS instructors is completed, the primary distribution procedure will begin. Primary school teachers should be aware that in most districts and municipalities, the distribution of laptops to JHS teachers will be finished in February.

As a result, primary school distribution will begin in early March. During the distribution process, teachers can register or produce a collection code by following the processes.

You’ll be guided by your district’s IT coordinator.

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