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Download: 2021/2022 Ghana Police Aptitude Test; Answers; Areas here

All applicants of the 2021 police recruitment who have qualified for the next stage of the police recruitment are to pass through some test which will enable them get recruited.

As an applicant, you are required to write this aptitude test on a computer or written on paper in a nearby police career center stated on your examination chit and you need to cover the curriculum area and the scope. In this case, the aptitude test will be in general knowledge about the police, numeracy and arithmetic reasoning, general science, and literacy knowledge. You need to cover these areas before you proceed to write this test. Remember if you have not printed your examination chit, Click here to print yours



Before you read the sample questions and answers I want you to take the structure of the Ghana Police very serious, it’s very important to put them in your mind.

If you have less knowledge about the structure of Ghana Police, this is for you , the Ghana Police has only 10 ranks for officers to which the Inspector General of Police (IGP) being the highest rank. Now let’s look at the lists which has been in order.

  1. Inspector General of Police (1GP),
  2. Deputy Inspector General (D/IGP)
  3. Commissioner of Police (COP)
  4. Deputy, Commissioner of Police (DCOP)
  5. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP)
  6. Chief Superintendent of Police(C/Supt)
  7. Superintendent (Supt)
  8. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)
  9. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP)
  10. Chief Inspector

Now lets look at the below sample aptitude test, we couldn’t get the answers for you but try your hands on them, we will update this page with the answers so kindly Refresh this page often.


1) Yesterday, Kojo earned Ghc50 mowing lawns. Today, Kojo earned 60% of what he earned yesterday mowing lawns. How much money did Kojo earn mowing lawns today?

A. Ghc3

B. Ghc25

C. Ghc30

D. Ghc40

2) Kobina sells apple pies for Ghc10 each. Kojo sells beverages for Ghc1 each. If Kobina sells 23 apple pies and Kojo sells 17 beverages, what is the total in sales for both products combined?

A. Ghc17

B. Ghc213

C. Ghc230

D. Ghc247

3) A mountain trail is 12.1 miles long. If a hiker walks along the trail at a rate of 1.96 miles per hour, in approximately how many hours will the hiker walk the entire trail?

A. 6

B. 12.

C. 14

D. 24

4) Adjoa’s gross pay for last month was Ghc4,687.24. If Ghc421.78 was deducted from Adjoa’s gross pay, how much take-home pay did Adjoa earn this past month?

A. Ghc421.78


B. Ghc4,265.46

C. Ghc4,687.24

D. Ghc5,109.02

5) A women’s clothing store sells the following articles of clothing for the following prices:

Blouse: Ghc14 each
Skirt: Ghc16 each
Dress: Ghc25 each
Pantyhose: 2 pairs for Ghc3
Socks: Ghc7

Yaa goes to the store on a day when the store has a 20% off sale on all skirts. If Yaa buys 2 skirts, 1 dress, and 4 pairs of pantyhose, how much money does Yaa have to pay?

A. Ghc55.20

B. Ghc56.60

C. Ghc63.00

D. Ghc69.00

6) Last month, Kofi’s checking account had a balance of Ghc347.20. Since then, Kofi deposited his paycheck of Ghc563.89 and withdrew Ghc478.53. What is Kofi’s checking account balance now?

A. Ghc432.56

B. Ghc432.65

C. Ghc456.23

D. Ghc456.32

7) In a box of marbles, the ratio of red marbles to total marbles is 2:5. The ratio of green marbles to total marbles is 3:10. If the marbles that are neither red nor green are blue, how many blue marbles are in the box if there are 40 marbles in the box?

A. 12

B. 16

C. 24

D. 28

Here are 40 Ghana Police Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers to measure applicants Basic Numeracy and Literacy Skills, Logical Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability.

1. A town has two hospitals a large one and a small one. About 50 babies were born every day in the large hospital and 10 babies every day in the small hospital. As everyone knows about 50% of all the babies born are boys, but of course, the exact percentage will fluctuate from day to day sometimes lower. In one particular year, a record of the days on which more than 60% of the babies were boys was taken. Which hospital is likely to record such days?

(A) The small hospital
(B) The small hospital
(C) Both will be equal

2. Which of the statement concerning AIDs is incorrect.

(A) Almost all the causes in children are caused by a transmission during the perinatal stage or at birth.
(B) The virus that causes AIDs can be transmitted through breast milk.
(C) The prognosis for infants with AIDs is poor at present.
(D) Not all infants born to HIV-positive mothers become infected with AIDs.
(E) None of the above.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Mensah have three boys. What is the chance of their next child being a girl?

(A) 75: 25
(B) 60: 40
(C) 50: 50
(D) 25: 75

4. You are looking at the chromosomes of a sperm .yo will expect to see _______chromosomes.

(A) X
(B) Y
(C) XY
(D) X or Y

Choose the correct expression from each pair of sentences. Question (Q5 – Q6)

5. (A) Rice from China and Thailand are selling cheap.
(B) Rice from China and Thailand sell cheap.
(C) Rice from China and Thailand sells cheap.

6. (A) Mum as well as dad likes rice.
(B) Mum as well as a dad like rice.
(C) Mum as well as dad prefer rice.

State whether the conclusion that follows each group of the statement is valid or invalid. Question (Q7 – Q10)

7. (A) All things that are smoked are good for health.
(B) Cigarettes are smoked
Conclusion: cigarettes are good for health.

8. (A) All gun owners are people
(B) All criminals are people
Conclusion: All gun owners are criminals

9. (A) If it is night then the streets will be dark
(B) The streets are dark
Conclusion: The streets are dark

10. (A) All mammals have fur
(B) A goat has fur
Conclusion: a goat is a mammal

11. Twenty percent of the staff at Korle Bu teaching hospital have unlisted telephone numbers. 60%and 40% of these people are males and females respectively. You selected 300 names randomly from the Korle Bu phone book. How many females can be expected to have unlisted phone numbers?

12. Mr. and Mrs. Jones have had difficulty in having a child. They consult a fertility clinic and decided to undergo the process whereby Mrs. Jones is surgically removed and fertilized with Mr. Jones sperm and then implanted into the womb the process is called__________?

13. Recently a mosquito virus has been discovered in South America which causes microcephaly (small head) in newborns. This virus is called__________?

14. The process whereby semen is mechanically introduces to the vagina in other that a woman may conceive called__________________?

15. A fertile woman agrees for her egg to be fertilized by another husband’s sperm to carry the baby to term and to give it into the fertile couples. This woman will be called ____________ mother?

16. Which of the statement concerning family planning is incorrect
(A) Involve the provision of the contraceptive methods within the community or nation
(B) The uses of contraceptives to space out the number of children born to a couple
(C) is used to deter people from having children
(D) None of the above

Find the number or letter that complete each series

17. anbapbarba_________________________

18. ABMCDM___________________________

19. 12834656___________________________

20. 2359173365_________________________

21. The cost of producing radios in Country Q is ten percent less than the cost of producing radios in Country Y. Even after transportation fees and tariff charges are added, it is still cheaper for a company to import radios from Country Q to Country Y than to produce radios in Country Y. The statement above, If true, best support which of the following assertions?

(A) Labor costs in Country Q are ten percent below those in Country Y.
(B) Importing radios from Country Q to Country Y will eliminate ten percent of the manufacturing jobs in Country Y.
(C) The tariff on a radio imported from Country Q to Country Y is less than ten percent of the cost of manufacturing the radio in Country Y
(D) The fee for transporting a radio from Country Q to Country

22. Four words are given, out of which three are alike in a certain way while one is inconsistent with them. Select the inconsistent word.

(A) Mycology
(B) Deontology
(C) Nephrologists
(D) Cardiology

23. Select the correct option that indicates the arrangement of the given words in a logical and meaningful order

  • Armlet
  • Delt
  • Ascot
  • Socks
  • turban

(A) 3-5-1-4-2
(B) 1-2-5-3-4
(C) 5-3-1-2-4
(D) 3-2-1-5-4

24. One New York publisher has estimated that 50,000 to 60,000 people in the United States want an anthology that includes the complete works of William Shakespeare. And what accounts for this renewed interest in Shakespeare? As scholars point out, his psychological insights into both male and female characters are amazing even today. This paragraph best supports the statement that

(A) Shakespeare’s characters are more interesting than fictional characters today.
(B) People even today are interested in Shakespeare’s work because of the characters
(C) Academic scholars are putting together an anthology of Shakespeare’s work.
(D) New Yorkers have a renewed interest in the work of Shakespeare.

25. Generation Xers are those people born roughly between 1965 and 1991. As employees, Generation Xers tend to be more challenged when they can carry out tasks independently. This makes Generation Xers the most entrepreneurial generation in history. This paragraph best supports the statement that Generation Xers

(A) work harder than people from other generations
(B) tend to be self-directed workers
(C) have an interest in making history
(D) Tend to work in jobs that require risk-taking behavior.

26. If there are no dancers that aren’t slime and no singers that aren’t dancers, then which statements are always true?

(A) There is not one slim person that isn’t a dancer
(B) All singers are slim
(C) Anybody slim is also a ranger
(D) None of the above

27. Dan is Joshua’s son and Guy’s brother, Margaret is Guy’s mother, and Judy’s daughter. Which of the statement: below is true?

(A) Judy is Dan’s mother-in-law
(B) Margaret is Dan’s mother
(C) Judy is Joshua’s grandmother
(D) None of the above

28. Five children are sitting in a row, 5 are sitting next to P but not E. K is sitting next to R who is sitting on the extreme left and T is not sitting next to. Who is sitting adjacent to S?

(A) K&P
(B) R&P
(C) Only P
(D) P and T

29. In a family, there is a husband-wife, two sons, and two daughters. All the ladies were limited to dinner, Both sons went out to play. The husband did not return from the office. Who was at home?

(A) Only wife was at home
(B) Nobody was at home
(C) Only sons were at home
(D) All ladies were at home

30. Statements: All bags are rates All lamps are cakes Conclusions:

I. Some lamps are hags
II. No lamp is bag

(A) Only conclusion follows
(B) Only conclusion follows
(C) Either l or II follows
(D) Neither I nor II follows

31. Statements: Raman is always successful. No fool is always successful. Conclusions:

I. Raman is a fool.
II. Raman is not a fool.

(A) Only conclusion I follow
(B) Only conclusion II follows
(C) Either I or II follows

(D) Neither I nor II follows

32. Violating an Apartment Lease occurs when a tenant does something prohibited by the legally binding document that he or she has signed with a landlord. Which situation below is the best example of Violating an Apartment Lose?

(A) Tim has decided to move to another city, so he calls his landlord to tell him that he is not interested in renewing his lease when it expires next month.
(B) Valerie recently lost her job and, for the last three months, has neglected to pay the landlord the monthly rent they agreed upon in writing when they moved into her apartment eight months ago.
(C) Mark writes a letter to his Landlord that lists numerous complaints about the apartment he has agreed to rent for two years
(D) Leslie thinks that her landlord is neglecting the building in which she rents an apartment. She calls her attorney to ask for advice.

33. It is appropriate to compensate someone if you have damaged his or her property in some way. This is called Restitution. Which situation below is the best example of Restitution?

(A) Jake borrows Leslie’s camera and the lens shatters when it falls on the ground because he fails to zipper the case. When Jake returns the camera, he tells Leslie that he will pay for the repair.
(B) Rebecca borrows her neighbor’s car, and when she returns it, the gas tank is practically empty. She apologizes profusely and tells her neighbor she will be more considerate the next time.
(C) Aaron asks Tom to check in on his apartment while he is out of town. When Tom arrives, he discovers that a pipe has burst and there is a considerable amount of water damage. He calls a plumber to repair the pipe.
(D) Lisa suspects that the pothole in her company’s parking lot caused her fiat Live. She tells her boss that she thinks the company should pay for the repair.

34. A fuming field can be ploughed by 6 tractors in 4 days. When 6 tractors work together. Each of them ploughs 1.20 hectares a day. If two of the tractors were moved to another field, then the remaining 4 tractors could plough the same fold in 5 days. How many hectares a day would one tractor plough them?

(A) 120 hectares
(B) 144 hectares
(C) 208 hectares
(D) 400 hectares

35. Susan drives from city A to city 8. After two hours of driving she noticed that she covered 80 km and calculated that, if she continued driving at the same speed, she would end up being 15 minutes late. So, she increased her speed by 10 km/hr and she arrived at city B 36 minutes earlier than she planned

Find the distance between cities A and B

(A) 40 km
(B) 50 km
(C) 200 km
(D) 250 km

36. Elizabeth can get a certain job done in 15 days, and Tony can finish only 75% of that job within the same time. Tony worked alone for several days and then Elizabeth joined him, so they finished the rest of the job in 5 days, working together.

What percentage of the job have each of them completed?

(A) 40% for Elizabeth and 60% for Tony
(B) 60% for Elizabeth and 405 for Tony
(C) 30% for Elizabeth and 2016 for Tony
(D) 70% for Elizabeth and 30% for Tony

37. A bag contains 50 marbles, 28 red ones, and 22 blue ones. A marble is picked at random from the bag. What is the probability of picking a red marble?

(A) 14/25
(B) 28/50
(C) 22/50
(D) 11/25

38. A two-digit number is written at random, Determine the probability that the number will be an even number smaller than 40.

(A) 1/2
(B) 4/15
(C) 1/6
(D) 1/15

39. In a group of 30 students, there are 14 girls and 4 of them can speak French. 6 of the 16 boys can speak French, if a student is selected randomly from the group, find the probability that the selected student is a girl who can speak French.

(A) 1/3
(B) 8/15
(C) 2/15
(D) 4/14

40. A girl counted in the following way on the fingers tit her left hand: She started by calling the thumb 1, the index finger 2, middle finger 3, ring finger 4, and little finger 5 and then reversed direction calling the ring finger 6 middle finger 7 and so on, she counted up to 1994. She ended counting on which finger?

(A) Thumb
(B) Index finger
(C) Middle finger
(D) Ring finger

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