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Education Ministry downplays reports of food shortages in SHS

The Education Ministry has batted off fears about food shortages in secondary schools across the country.

The Office’s PRO, Kwasi Kwarteng, told Eyewitness News that his ministry has “not received any such official complaint.”

Despite claims that some schools are currently lacking critical items such as bread and oil for meals, Mr. Kwarteng believes tales of shortages should be viewed as warning signs for the future.

Some school heads and parents have made public and government appeals for food products to help enhance the quality of feeding in public second-cycle schools.

“When you hear about the shortage, they’re kind of forewarnings about the future, so it’s not necessary that we’re witnessing shortages right now,” he stated.

He did, however, agree that there may be delays in food transport, but he noted that “that does not necessarily construe into a food scarcity as is being read out there.”

In response to complaints of problems in schools, Mr. Kwawrteng stated that his ministry “would be so pleased to obtain the list of the schools, intervene, and ensure supplies have been produced there.”

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